1. IPM’s Status: The chairperson believes that IPM while gaining popularity with more colleges offering the program, will not achieve the same level of status as the JEE in the future. The established reputation and resources of the IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), which conduct the JEE, have been built over 60 years, making it difficult for IPM to match their level of excellence.
  2. Engineering in IITs: The chairperson acknowledges the difficulty and prestige associated with the JEE. They encourage individuals who are passionate about engineering to pursue a degree in one of the IITs, emphasizing the need for talented engineers who can contribute to society.
  3. Business Education and IPM: The chairperson sees IPM as a significant option for those interested in pursuing business education. They highlight the importance of considering one’s own strengths and interests when making educational choices. If someone believes they are smart but not inclined towards engineering, they suggest that business education through IPM can be a suitable alternative.
  4. IPM’s Uniqueness: The chairperson mentions that IPM programs have their own distinctiveness and encourages prospective students to talk to current IPM students for insights. While IPM is still relatively new compared to established programs, they assure that efforts are being made to learn from experiences and create a high-quality program.
  5. Making an Informed Decision: The chairperson advises aspirants to make an educated decision based on their aspirations and interests. They recommend watching informative videos, specifically mentioning “IPM Roundtable” videos, to gain a better understanding of the IPM program. The chairperson concludes by expressing anticipation for meeting potential candidates during interviews and on-campus visits.

Overall, the chairperson emphasizes that IPM should not be seen as a competitor to programs like JEE but rather as a distinct option for students interested in business education while encouraging talented individuals to pursue their passions in engineering or other fields for the betterment of society.

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